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Habib Luthfi Provides Strengthening of National Insight to Garut Resort Police Personnel

Member of the Presidential Advisory Council, M. Luthfi Ali Yahya (Habib Luthfi) gave a strengthening of the National Insight of Garut Resort Police Personnel which was held at the Garut Resort Police Headquarters (12/02) in Garut Regency, West Java. The activity which was opened with remarks from the Garut Resort Police Chief AKBP Wirdhanto and the recitation of the holy Quran at the same time commemorating the Isra ‘Mi’raj of Prophet Muhammad SAW which will fall on February 28, 2022.

Habib Luthfi reminded that the Isra ‘Mi’raj had brought a message to recall the historical phases of place of worship construction in the two holy cities, Mecca and Jerusalem. Mecca was built by Prophet Ibrahim himself, while Jerusalem was built by the descendants of Prophet Ibrahim. This occurence has become a moment as a reminder to remember history, including the history of the the Indonesian struggle.

The struggle of the Indonesian ancestors to achieve independence must be maintained continuously in a relay by the Indonesian people. This includes maintaining the noble values ​​of the Indonesian as a nation that respects humanity because it has never colonized other nations in the world. Pride in national identity must also be maintained. The Red and White Flag must be respected not only because it is a symbol of the state, but also represents the dignity of the entire Indonesian. Being respectful means paying respect and maintaining the dignity of the entire Indonesian itself.

Finally, on that occasion Habib Luthfi also advised that Indonesia as an open nation, it is permissible to study all over the world, such as the Middle East, America, or Europe. However, this should not reduce the identity and pride in the country itself. The Indonesian must follow the example of sea water. No matter how much fresh water flows into the sea, it will not be able to change the taste of sea water that remains salty. Likewise, the Indonesian people must remain firm in upholding the principles of pride and love for the Indonesian homeland. (AB)