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H.R. Agung Laksono’s Working Visit to North Tapanuli Regency

Member of the Presidential Advisory Council, H.R Agung Laksono, on Monday, June 6, 2022, paid a working visit to the office of the Regent of North Tapanuli. In the meeting H.R. Agung Laksono was welcomed by the Regent of North Tapanuli, Nikson Nababan, accompanied by OPD leaders, traditional leaders of North Tapanuli, along with the Commander of Kodim 0210 North Tapanuli.

During the meeting the Regent of North Tapanuli said that to increase growth in the Greater Tapanuli Region, his party had submitted suggestions and proposals to the President so that there would be a Public State University in North Tapanuli. With the existence of the Public State University, it is hoped that later it will not only provide a multiplier effect on improving public education but also on the development of the economic sector, especially tourism and services in the Tapanuli Raya area.

Responding to this, H.R Agung Laksono said that Indonesia is currently entering the demographic bonus phase. The demographic bonus will be an advantage for Indonesia when it is supported by the high productivity of the productive age population. To support increased productivity, two important things are needed, improving public health and education. For this reason, Agung supports the proposal from the North Tapanuli Regent regarding the establishment of the Tapanuli Raya Public State University.