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GMNI Asked to Play a Role in National Transformation

Secretary to Member of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) Jan Prince Permata representing member of Wantimpres RI Dr H Soekarwo S.H., M.Hum was a speaker at the National Symposium and Inauguration of the Regional Leadership Council of the Indonesian National Student Movement (DPD GMNI) East Java for the 2023-2025 period in Surabaya, Thursday afternoon (18/4/2024).

In his presentation entitled “Nationality, Leadership and Students”, Jan Prince Permata said that GMNI, as a student organization that was born on March 23 1954, which is more than 70 years old, must be able to continue to adapt to progress and changing times. GMNI must also be able to play a role and continue to make positive contributions to Indonesia’s development and transformation. “GMNI and its cadres must have skills, creativity, innovation, mastery of knowledge and have a cultural base in facing national transformation and changing times,” said Jan.

According to Jan, GMNI, which has produced many figures and leaders at both national and regional levels, must continue to improve and increase organizational capacity, so as not to be left behind by other student and community organizations.

Jan explained three leadership models that are needed in the current era. First, transformative leadership is related to values ​​relevant to the exchange (change) process, such as honesty, justice and responsibility. Second, effective leadership that brings the organization to achieve its goals with the characteristics of training and nurturing, discipline, respect for work and achievements and the ability to communicate effectively. Third, democratic leadership which places knowledge and breadth of insight (mindset) in leading, respecting diversity and differences.

“There are two things that cannot be let go of and are actually inherent in the student identity that GMNI must have. First, GMNI must continue to develop itself into a generation that is responsive and able to face future challenges. “Second, GMNI must uphold the basic principles of science, namely seeking and consistently defending the truth,” said Jan.

Other speakers at this symposium were the President Director of PT Surabaya Industrial Estate Rungkut (SIER) Didik Prasetiyono and the Secretary General of the DPP GMNI M.Dendy Ageng Setiawan. The National Symposium, which was attended by hundreds of GMNI members throughout East Java, was opened by Assistant 2 to the Governor of East Java, Joko Irianto, representing the Governor of East Java. A number of figures who attended included the Chair of the East Java KPU Aang Kunaifi, Chair of the East Java Bawaslu A Warits, Deputy Chancellor III for Student Affairs, Alumni and Student Entrepreneurship at Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Setiawan Noerdajasakti, Director of Intelligence and Security (Ditintelkam) of the East Java Regional Police, Commissioner Pol Dekananto Eko Purwono, representative of the East Java Cipayung Plus Group and GMNI alumni in East Java.