Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden


Members of the Presidential Advisory Council Visit Tasikmalaya Regency

Member of the Presidential Advisory Council Sidarto Danusubroto, accompanied by Secretary Sudiman Tarigan and Expert Team Triana Dewi Seroja, paid a working visit to Tasikmalaya Regency. There were several agendas in this working visit, including being the Keynote Speaker in the National Seminar “Strengthening Pancasila Ideology and National Insight” organized by the Tasikmalaya Regency DPRD in collaboration with the Indonesian Education University (UPI). The event was attended by the Regent of Tasikmalaya, Pj. Mayor of Tasikmalaya, Chairman and Members of Tasikmalaya Regency DPRD, Forkopimda, community leaders, students, and around 400 school teachers.

On this occasion, Sidarto was also given an award by the Regent as a national figure who is dedicated in grounding the ideology of Pancasila. One thing that should be appreciated is that the Tasikmalaya Regency Government and DPRD have issued a Regional Regulation on Strengthening and Understanding Pancasila and Nationalistic Insight. Tasikmalaya is the first district in Indonesia to issue a local regulation on Pancasila. According to Sidarto, it would be nice if this policy is followed by all regions in Indonesia to encourage the spirit of re-grounding the values of Pancasila, maintaining diversity and diversity, maintaining tolerance, solidarity, tolerance, mutual cooperation in an effort to achieve prosperity, while still prioritizing local wisdom in its implementation.