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Soekarwo’s Visit to a Sugar Factory in Sidoarjo

Soekarwo, a Member of the Presidential Advisory Council of The Republic of Indonesia (Wantimpres), conducted a visit to Candi Baru Sugar Factory, which is a member of idfood (4/9/23). During the inspection, the CEO of the Sugar Factory, Rachmad Sartono, emphasized the importance of collaboration between sugar factories, farmers, the Department of Plantation, the Department of Agriculture and Food, and the Banking sector. This partnership should be mutually beneficial to inspire farmers to cultivate sugarcane sustainably. PT RNI continues to innovate in off-taking sugarcane from farmers and plans to expand its land in 2024, supporting the government’s sugar price policy at Rp12,500/kg,” said Director of Supply Chain Management and Information Technology, Bernadetta Raras.

The Regency Government, represented by the Head of the Department of Agriculture and Food, Eni Rustianingsih, stated that Sidoarjo Regency is currently facing several challenges, including the shift from rural to urban lifestyles leading to a decrease in sugarcane land. However, the Regency Government is open to collaborating with the private sector for sugarcane land expansion. The Department of Agriculture and Food hopes for future support to revive the P3G center to research sugarcane varieties based on soil types to produce high-quality seedling