Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden


Habib Luthfi Leads Kliwonan Dhikr and Recitation Activities in Pekalongan.

Member of the Presidential Advisory Council, Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya (Habib Luthfi), accompanied
by Hasbullah Ahmad, Secretary of the Presidential Advisory Council, led the Kliwonan Dhikr and

Recitation activities at Kanzus Sholawat, Pekalongan City, Central Java, on Friday (19/5/23). This
recitation is the first kliwonan assembly after the end of the month of Ramadan this year.
Habib Luthfi began his speech by quoting the kyai Muallim or kyai Mussanif in the book Jamiul Ushul Fil
Auliya in a special chapter on piety. The book divides piety into three levels. The first level of piety is the
piety of ordinary people, who are more concerned with getting as much reward as possible. The second
level is the piety of the person who is worried how to get closer to the giver of reward. The third level is
the khawasul khawas, which is even higher because it is implemented in everyday behavior. It is
impossible for us to commit immorality because we realize that this earth belongs to Allah, so we only
pursue the pleasure of Allah SWT. The question is whether, when we are given disease by Allah SWT, we
are pleased. Everything that is given by Allah SWT, if we are grateful to Him, we will definitely accept
with full sincerity. In this way, our level of obedience will increase by itself.
Habib Luthfi reminded us that we must always think well of Allah SWT because even heaven has been
prepared for us, and what’s more, it’s just to grant the prayers of mankind. If our prayers have not been
answered, in fact, we have to reflect and realize that we should reduce immoral acts and have a sense of
shame before Allah SWT. Humans who have a high degree of piety will really long to always “meet” with
Allah SWT and get closer to Allah SWT. This is where the Tariqah plays an important role, so that we
have the ability to always try to keep our hearts clean.
Also attending the Dzikir and Recitation activities were KH Ali Masadi, Deputy Rais Aam JATMAN,
religious leaders, and thousands of worshipers from various regions in the country.