Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden


Habib Luthfi Leads Kliwonan Dhikr and Recitation Activities in Pekalongan.

Member of the Presidential Advisory Council, Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya (Habib Luthfi),
accompanied by Hasbullah Ahmad, Secretary to Member of the Presidential Advisory Council,
led the Kliwonan Dhikr and Recitation activities at Kanzus Sholawat, Pekalongan City, Central
Java, on Friday (23/6/23). The Kliwonan recitation, which took place during this year’s Hajj
season, was only six days before Eid al-Adha 1444 H.
In his short speech, Habib Luthfi conveyed trust or surrender to Allah SWT. He explained that
there are three levels of trust. The first level of trust is the trust of ordinary people, who are more
concerned with getting the help of Allah SWT. The second level is the trustworthiness of the
person who is worried; that is, it increases even more how surrendering to Allah SWT is not
when you only need Allah’s help. Meanwhile, the third level of tawakal is khawasul khawas,

which is wary of the possibility of falling into polytheism if our monotheism is not stable. Habib
Luthfi gave an example that endeavor is just an effort to get closer to Allah SWT while at the
same time obeying His commands. Endeavor is a form of acknowledging our weaknesses, not,
conversely, assuming that if we don’t try, we will die. Tawakal at this level is total unconditional
submission to Allah SWT. Concluding his speech, Habib Luthfi reminded us that if we are being
tested for a disease, we should not be trapped by the fact that it is medicine that heals. Indeed,
healing only comes from Allah SWT. Endeavor is only a means to increase obedience to Allah
SWT by asking for His taufiq and guidance. Also attending the Dzikir and Recitation activities
were KH Ali Masadi, Deputy Rais Aam JATMAN, religious leaders, and thousands of worshipers
from various regions in the country.