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Strengthen Pancasila Narratives and Tolerance Through Digital Ecosystems

Secretary to the Member of the Presidential Advisory Council of the Republic of Indonesia (Wantimpres
RI), Jan Prince Permata, representing Wantimpres members Dr. H. Soekarwo, SH, and M. Hum, was a
speaker at the National Dialogue, which was held by the Branch Leadership Council of the Indonesian
National Student Movement (DPC GMNI) Bandar Lampung with the theme “Maintaining Tolerance,
Caring for the Republic of Indonesia” at the Semergou Building, Bandar Lampung City Government
Office Complex in Bandar Lampung, Saturday (20/5/2023).
The national dialogue, which began with the inauguration of the management of the Bandar Lampung
DPC GMNI, was also attended by the Mayor of Bandar Lampung, Hj Eva Dwiana, Chairperson of the
DPRD Bandar Lampung Province, Ningrum Gumay, SH, M.H., Forkompimda Bandar Lampung City,
Secretary General of the DPP GMNI, M.Ageng Dendy Setiawan, and hundreds of GMNI members and
student representatives from the Cipayung Plus Group.
Jan Prince Permata appealed to community organizations and youth and student organizations such as
GMNI to be more active in encouraging community participation in strengthening unity and tolerance.
“GMNI must be more active in inflaming the narrative of Pancasila, national unity, and tolerance in the
midst of increasingly complex national challenges,” said Jan.
According to Jan, digital transformation and digitization, which have become part of today’s society’s
culture, can be used to strengthen narratives and education about Pancasila. “Digital ecosystems must
be utilized and filled with education as well as national narratives, pancasila, and tolerance. It can be
focused on generation Z, who are used to digitalization every day,” said Jan.
The Mayor of Bandar Lampung, Hj Eva Dwiana, invited GMNI and students who are members of the
Cipayung Plus Group to continue to strengthen tolerance in the city of Bandar Lampung. “Let’s continue
to strengthen tolerance and care for the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” said Eva.
The Chairperson of the Lampung Province DPRD, Ningrum Gumay, stated that tolerance and mutual
cooperation are values that live in society. “For that, let’s continue to maintain tolerance and carry out
the values of Pancasila,” said Ningrum Gumay, who is also Chair of the Bandar Lampung Province GMNI
Alumni Association.