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Revision of the Village Law Must Guarantee Village Community Participation

Member of the Presidential Advisory Council of the Republic of Indonesia (Wantimpres RI), Dr.
H. Soekarwo SH, M. Hum, said the discourse on revising Law Number 6 of 2014 concerning
Villages (UU Desa) should be able to provide opportunities for better, democratic village
management and encourage village government to be more effectively serving society. “If in the
end the Village Law is revised, then the regulations in the future should be able to better
guarantee the protection of traditional rights or origin rights and encourage the implementation
of participatory, effective, and democratic village governance,” said Pakde Karwo, Soekarwo’s
nickname, on the sidelines of the East Java Village Head coordination meeting regarding
“Supervising the Revision of the Village Law in Mojokerto, East Java, Monday (May 22, 2023).
Pakde Karwo was invited by the East Java Village Head Gathering Committee to attend and
provide support at the Coordination Meeting Regarding Oversight of the Revision of the Village
Law No. 6 of 2014, especially Article 39, so that it is included in the 2023 Priority National
Legislation Program (Prolegnas). Through this revision of the Village Law, the village heads
expect an extension of the term of office of the village head, which is for one period from six
years to nine years.

According to Pakde Karwo, the proposal needs to amend Article No. 6 of 2014 concerning
Villages. During the tenure of a village head, one 6-year term can be elected up to three times,
or equal to 18 years. Extending the tenure of the Village Head to nine years will make village
administration more effective because the Village Head has the time, space, and opportunity to
provide a wider range of services. “Apart from becoming more effective village administrators,
village heads can also encourage wider village community participation in developing villages,”
said the Governor of East Java for the 2009–2019 period. Pakde Karwo also reminded us of the
importance of increasing the capacity of the village head and his staff in the village fund
management process so that village funds are truly managed for the welfare of the village

The East Java Village Head Coordination Meeting was also attended by the Deputy Regent of
Mojokerto Muhammad Al-Bara, the Head of the East Java Community and Village
Empowerment Office Soekaryo, the Marketing Director of the East Java MSME Bank Irwan Eka
Wijaya Arsyad, and the DPD members of the Indonesian Village Government Apparatus
Association (PAPDESI), DPD East Java PAPDESI, and DPC PAPDESI throughout East Java.