Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden


Habib Luthfi Gives Tusyiah to Haul Habib Thoha Bin Yahya in Semarang

Member of the Presidential Advisory Council, Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya (Habib Luthfi), accompanied
by Hasbullah Ahmad, Secretary of the Presidential Advisory Council, gave a speech at the peak of the
commemoration of Habib Thoha Bin Muhammad Bin Yahya’s birthday on Sunday (May 23) in Depok,
Semarang, Central Java. Habib Thoha is a wali Allah nicknamed Mbah Kramat Depok, who is none other
than the grandfather of Habib Luthfi. In the manakib read by Hasbullah Ahmad, because of his piety,
Habib Thoha earned the title of the palace of Kanjeng Raden Tumenggung Ronggo Prawiro Kusumo.
Habib Lutfi stressed the importance of commemorating the first haul so that we don’t easily forget
history; second, remembering the history of the ancestors who contributed greatly to liberating this
nation from the shackles of colonialism and also from the shackles of ignorance; and third, so that the
torch does not die and its historical connection with the past is cut off. In this regard, it is important for
us to preserve historical sites so as not to forget our ancestors, both the saints of Allah and the warriors
of the nation. This ancestral heritage is important for us to care for the hearts of pious people. This is
important so that we do not lose blessings (barokah), which can cause misery for both arid land and
people who are not qualified. Even the mountains, when they have lost their blessings, will slowly erupt
and cause disaster.
Habib Lutfi reminded us how tolerance has been exemplified since the time of Rasulullah SAW. The
migration of the Prophet Muhammad was a revelation and an order from Allah SWT. The city of Yathrib
(Medina) was chosen as the destination for the migration because, at that time, Yathrib already had
trade relations with the Far East. Immediately after the Hijrah, the Prophet built religious, educational,
and economic facilities. The Yathrib community at that time was very heterogeneous, including not only
Muslims but also Jews, Christians, and others who were all protected. The Messenger of Allah has a
responsibility to maintain the integrity of his territory; his diverse countries are not just carrying out
treaties. The Wali Allah in the Archipelago also set an example not only of tolerance but also of

professionalism that prioritizes competence. The non-Muslim King of Brawijaya appointed Malik Ibrahim
as Minister of Economy and Irrigation, and Ibrahim Asmorokondi was appointed Minister of Finance
(Kitab Babad Tanah Jawa).
The Waliyullah do not rely on supernatural powers but prioritize their morals and intellectual
competence. That is why, even though Wali Allah has passed away, his grave is still visited by people of
various religions and revives the economy of the surrounding community. Our task is to continue the
struggle that has been exemplified by our ancestors. Habib Lutfi reminded us to continue to revive and
organize hauls. State administrators must routinely invite the younger generation to make pilgrimages
to the graves of heroes. In this way, we love Indonesia, feeling ashamed of our ancestors if we don’t
contribute positively to this country.
Closing his lecture, Habib Luthfi invited all those present from various religions to pray for Indonesia
while reminding them not to be easily divided, especially before and during the 2024 elections.
Before the main event took place the day before, the Al-Quran khataman activity was carried out, the
reading of Rotibul Qubro, led by Habib Muhdhor Ahmad Assegaf. Also present at the peak of Habib
Thoha’s haul commemoration were the Mayor of Semarang, Semarang TNI and Polri officials, Habib
Umar Muthohar, religious leaders, and thousands of worshipers from various regions in the country.