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Wantimpres member Sidarto Danusubroto Becomes Speaker in Webinar “MaintainingDiversity and Tolerance in Indonesia”

Member of Wantimpres, Sidarto Danusubroto, became a speaker in the Webinar “Maintaining
Diversity and Tolerance in Indonesia,” held online by the European Association for Advanced
Indonesia on Sunday (5/3).
In his presentation, Sidarto Danusubroto said, “We should be grateful that Indonesia has
succeeded in becoming the fourth country to implement COVID-19 vaccination. But there is
another important task that we must not forget, which is to carry out ideological vaccination,
because our nation is currently also facing the attack of another virus that is very virulent and
dangerous, namely intolerance, radicalism, and terrorism (IRT).”

According to Karno, Indonesia was established “one for all, all for one, and all for all”. Karno’s
thoughts are very relevant to the condition of Indonesia as a pluralistic, multicultural, multiethnic,
and multireligious nation. A pluralistic, multicultural, multiethnic, and multireligious Indonesia is a
necessity that must be maintained in harmony.
Various efforts were made by certain parties to undermine harmony in Indonesia by trying to
replace the state ideology with another ideology.
The form of the country wants to be changed to one that suits their wishes. Likewise, diversity is
considered something that must be eliminated from Indonesia. Therefore, the Indonesian nation
must have a solid foundation and a strong fortress, namely Pancasila, as the ideology that best
suits the identity and character of the nation.