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Sidarto Danusubroto Becomes a Resource Person at the PT. PLN

Sidarto Danusubroto became a speaker at the PT. PLN at Borobudur Hotel Jakarta with the theme “Efforts to Fortify Radicalism in the Management of the Nation’s Strategic Assets”, on Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

Currently, adherents of radical and intolerant ideas are spread in government agencies (ASN), SOEs, and state institutions, including TNI and Polri institutions. PT. PLN, as the nation’s strategic asset, must have a solid foundation and be a strong fortress so as not to be infiltrated by ideologies that are not in line with Pancasila.

Management and members of the trade union of PT. PLN are of course also very diverse, both in terms of ethnic backgrounds, ethnicities, regions of origin, religion, education, and so on. Let’s turn that diversity into a strength. The difference is actually very beautiful. The beauty of the rainbow is created by different color combinations. Orchestral music sounds melodious precisely because of the diverse blend of instruments that results in beautiful symphonies and harmonious rhythmic compositions. This diversity, if managed well in the spirit of unity and brotherhood, can be a force to contribute to the nation and country.

This Munas Forum is a forum for the Labor Union of PT. PLN to formulate various policies and strategic plans so that, in the future, it will play a more active role in contributing to the overall development of the company. PT. PLN, which has an important role in Indonesia’s economic growth, certainly needs the support, enthusiasm, and hard work of all PLN personnel, both management and labor unions. Therefore, this munas is a momentum for the company to move together and build a close kinship so that it can achieve the goals set.

Through this Munas, it is hoped that a new composition of managers will be formed, united in a family spirit to provide the best for the progress of PT. PLN as a professional, solid, strong, and sturdy company. In the management structure of the results of this Munas, it is possible to illustrate the diversity and unity of Indonesia regardless of one’s ethnic, social, economic, cultural, or religious background.