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Agriculture and Microenterprises Need More Support

Secretary of the Member of the Presidential Advisory Council of the Republic of Indonesia (Wantimpres RI), Jan Prince Permata, representing Wantimpres member Dr. H. Soekarwo, SH, M. Hum, became a speaker in a seminar themed “Digital Transformation Opportunities and Challenges for Economic Development in the Era of Disruption” held by the Branch Leadership Council of the Indonesian National Student Movement (DPC GMNI) Surabaya at Balai Pemuda, Surabaya, Saturday (18/3/2023).

Jan explained that the agricultural sector, including forestry and fisheries, needs greater support in development policies and budgets. In addition to absorbing the largest workforce, strengthening this sector also accelerates the reduction of poverty. “About 29 percent of our people work in the agricultural sector, but about 50 percent of poor people in Indonesia are in this sector. Therefore, agriculture needs to be supported more,” Jan said.

In addition to the agricultural sector, Jan also suggested that greater support be done for microenterprises in the country. “As many as 98.68 percent of business actors in Indonesia are micro enterprises, absorbing 89 percent of the workforce and contributing 37.8 percent to economic growth,” he said.

According to Jan, digital transformation and disruption in the economic sector also encourage the microbusiness sector to adapt. Data shows that around 24.42 percent of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) or 16 million business units have been connected to the digital ecosystem or e-commerce. “Micro businesses need support so that they are more connected to the digital ecosystem,” he said.

Another speaker in the seminar, which was accompanied by the inauguration of the DPC GMNI Surabaya Management for the 2022–2024 period, was Anas Karno, Vice Chairman of Commission B of the Surabaya City DPRD. Anas said the significant growth of MSMEs in Surabaya City is in the midst of digital transformation. “There are around 80 thousand MSMEs in Surabaya City, and this number continues to grow,” said Anas.

The event was also attended by the Expert Staff of the Mayor of Surabaya for Law, Politics, and Government, Afghani Wardana, Kasat Intelkam Tanjung Perak Port Police, AKP Mohamad Djupri, Chairman and Secretary General of DPP GMNI, management, members of GMNI Surabaya City and East Java, as well as representatives of a number of student organizations in the City of Surabaya.