Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden


Putri Kus Wisnu Wardani at the Inauguration of the Surakarta Chamber of Commerce and Industry Management Board

Member of the Presidential Advisory Council, Putri Kus Wisnu Wardani became a talk show
speaker in the context of ratifying and inaugurating the Surakarta City Chamber of Commerce
and Industry Management Board for the 2022-2027 service period on January 20, 2023 at
Diamond Restaurant, Surakarta.
At the meeting, Putri appreciated the various achievements achieved by Surakarta City under
the leadership of Mayor Gibran Rakabuming Raka, including the city with the highest economic
growth in Central Java.
In her presentation, Putri encouraged MSME entrepreneurs to be able to take advantage of
various central government programs, including the integration of MSMEs in the LKPP
(Government Procurement Policy Institute) e-catalog. To maximize the program, the role of the
Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Surakarta City Government is
needed as a bridge so that the products produced are more accepted, meet standards, and can
target market opportunities in the midst of an economic situation that is experiencing a

Present as other speakers in this talk show were Setya Budi Arijanta (Deputy for Legal Affairs
and Dispute Resolution, LKPP), Harry Nuryanto (Chairman of the Central Java Provincial
Chamber of Commerce), and Ferry S. Indriano (Chairman of the Surakarta Chamber of