Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden


Limited Meeting on Solutions to Fishing Community Problems in Muara Angke

Members of the Presidential Advisory Council, H.R. Agung Laksono and Putri Kus Wisnu Wardani, held a limited meeting on “Solutions to the Problems of Fishing Communities in Muara Angke” with various parties at the Wantimpres Office on Tuesday, November 29, 2022. Also present to accompany the activity were the Secretaries of Wantimpres Members, Ganjar Razuni and Devanto S. Pratomo, as well as Arfan Sahib, S.K., Head of the Data and Information Bureau of Wantimpres Secretariat.

In the meeting, representatives of the Muara Angke fishing community conveyed directly some of the problems that are being faced, including the clarity of house buildings and the problem of the availability of diesel subsidies, which have an impact on ship queues at the pier. Furthermore, each resource person from various relevant agencies explained solutions and points of view for problems encountered by fishermen in Muara Angke.

Present as resource persons in this meeting were Muhammad Zaini, the Director General of Capture Fisheries of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Eko Budi Kurniawan, the Director of Spatial Synchronization of the Ministry of ATR/BPN, Dwi Budi Martono, the Head of the BPN DKI Regional Office, Suharini Eliawati, the Head of the DKI Jakarta Food Security, Marine and Agriculture Service, Wawan Budi R as Assistant for Economy and Development of the North Jakarta Administrative City Secretariat, Waljiyanto as Executive GM of Pertamina Patra Niaga West Java Regional, as well as representatives of the Muara Angke fishing community.