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Wantimpres Receives Audience from APRTI

Members of the Wantimpres, Soekarwo and H.R. Agung Laksono accompanied by Secretary of the Wantimpres Members, Jan Prince Permata and Ganjar Razuni received an Audience from the National Executive Board of the Indonesian Sugar Cane Farmers Association (APTRI), representatives from PTPN, RNI, and several private sugar factories on Friday, August 5, 2022 at the office Wantimpres.

At the audience, several problems related to the sugar industry in Indonesia were discussed which were delivered directly by several representatives of farmers from the regions. As one of the very important national strategic commodities in Indonesia, it is hoped that there will be a solution regarding solving problems in the sugar industry so that farmers and other supporting ecosystems remain prosperous.

Present at the activity, Soemitro Samadikoen as the General Chair of APTRI, Mulyadi as the Deputy Secretary General of APTRI, Rifki Alamudi a representative from PTPN 12 East Java, Kamari a representative from Central Java, Destinal Armunanto, Edi Saputra a representative from Lampung, Taryono a representative from PTPN 10 East Java, Ali Mazazi is a representative from RNI 2 West Java, Saprudin is a representative from West Java, Faisol is a representative from PTPN 11 East Java, and Ferdinand Marcos is a representative from Lampung.