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Muhamad Mardiono and Putri Kuswisnu Wardani’s Audience Discuss Preservation and Development of Nation’s Culture

Muhamad Mardiono and Putri Kuswisnu Wardani, Members of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres), accompanied by Secretary of the Wantimpres Members, Mohammed Ali Berawi and Devanto Pratomo, received audiences from cultural organizations, Conseil International des Organizations de Festivals de Folklore et d’Arts Traditionnels (CIOFF) Indonesia, which was attended by Said Rachmat, Nur Kusuma Ngarasati, Yovika D.W, Nadia Vijanti and Puti Anindya, on Tuesday, August 2, 2022 at the Wantimpres office. CIOFF is a cultural organization that is currently one of the official partners of UNESCO.

This meeting discussed increasing the participation of the community and cultural organizations in the development and preservation of Indonesian culture which is a national asset. This meeting also discussed various strategies and tactical steps to bring Indonesian culture closer to the younger generation. Folk cultural festivals, apart from being a means of entertainment and education, are also able to unite various communities within the community and become a means of promoting tourism in each region.

Muhamad Mardiono and Putri Kuswisnu Wardani stated that support for education and culture are two important things and in line with advanced culture will strengthen education. Various traditions, noble values, and local wisdom that become the identity of the nation have a central role and function in the life of the community, nation and state. Therefore, Indonesia will continue to explore all its cultural riches, preserve, and develop them to become a developed and characterized nation.

Indonesian culture will continue to be part of the character of modern, creative and innovative Indonesian society. In addition, preserving and promoting various cultures in Indonesia will also have a positive impact on strengthening the country’s economy through the tourism industry.