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Inauguration of Habib Luthfi as an Honorary Citizen of the Indonesian Army

Member of the Presidential Advisory Council Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya (Habib Luthfi), was inaugurated by the Army Chief of Staff, General Dudung Abdurachman as an Honorary Citizen of the Indonesian Army on Friday (5/8). The inauguration, which took place at the GPH Djatikusumo Hall, Headquarters, Jakarta, was marked by the pinning of a striped jacket to Habib Luthfi, followed by the handing over of certificates and plaques from the Army Chief of Staff.

In his remarks, the Army Chief of Staff said that through this activity the Indonesian Army wanted to set an example for future generations to have a militant nationalism, love for the Republic of Indonesia with strong tolerance, like the struggle of the predecessor scholars in the struggle to uphold the Indonesian nation. The Army Chief of Staff assessed that Habib Luthfi was a great scholar figure who was very instrumental in encouraging nationalism through peaceful da’wah and strengthening the values ​​of diversity. Habib Luthfi was able to move three pillars at once, namely: religion, nationalism (nationality) and economic growth, all three of which he mixed in a platform of national history into a peaceful propaganda strategy, characterized by multiethnic Indonesians.

Meanwhile, in his brief remarks, Habib Luthfi expressed his gratitude to the Indonesian Army, especially to the Army Chief of Staff who had trusted him to become an Honorary Citizen of the Indonesian Army. Habib Luthfi emphasized that this award is not an event to be proud of oneself, but there is a mandate that is being entrusted to him by the Indonesian Army. Ending his speech Habib Luthfi hoped “Hopefully with this inauguration I will be the glue of the forces, especially the strength of national defense,” he concluded.

The inauguration activity was also attended by Deputy Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Agus Subiyanto, Main Headquarters Officials, Commander of Kostrad Lt. Gen. Maruli Simanjuntak, Commander of the Jaya Regional Military Command Maj. Gen. Untung Budiharto and Wadanjen Kopassus TNI Brigadier General Deddy Suryadi. The event, which took place in a family-friendly atmosphere, ended with a prayer and a group photo.