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Habib Luthfi Attends Istighosah Akbar In Context of the 72nd Anniversary of Bekasi Regency

Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya, Member of the Presidential Advisory Council accompanied by Hasbullah Ahmad, Secretary of the Wantimpres Member, attended the Istighosah Akbar activity in the context of the 72nd anniversary of Bekasi Regency on August 15, 2022, at the Plaza Pemkab Bekasi.

The activity begins with the National Carnival which aims to remember and inspire the patriotic spirit of the Bekasi people in particular, so that they can respect the services of heroes and history in Bekasi Regency. After that, the activity continued with “Laying the First Stone” in the religious park as a symbol of religious harmony in Bekasi Regency.

The event was also attended by the Governor of West Java, Ridwal Kamil. In his speech, Ridwan Kamil explained that there were figures from Bekasi Regency who had been designated as National Heroes, namely K.H. Noer Ali. In addition, Ridwal Kamil is also proposing a name from Bekasi to become a National Hero, namely K.H. Ma’mun Nawai. He played an active role in the formation of Laskar Hezbollah and carried out semi-military training to prepare for the battlefield. In his speech, Ridwan Kamil advised the people of Bekasi Regency who were present at the peak night of the 72nd Anniversary of Bekasi Regency “Don’t forget the true identity of Bekasi Regency”.

Habib Luthfi at the end of the event gave Tausiyah Nationalism to all the people present. Habib Luthfi said that the source of nationalism is understanding the struggle of the heroes and the history of the nation. In addition, the level and weight of love for something also affects the resistance to division. As with the very high weight of love for Allah SWT and the Prophet Muhammad SAW, it will not be easily shaken if there are people who abuse religion. Likewise, if the love for the homeland is very high, then if there are people or parties who will divide, they will not be shaken or provoked in the slightest. Because love for the homeland fades, it is easy to be exposed to hoaxes and easily influenced.

Also attending the event were the Acting Regent of Bekasi Regency, Dandim 05/09 Bekasi Regency, Bekasi Regency Police Chief and several other Bekasi Regency Forkopimda elements.