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Agung Laksono Meet Fishermen Muara Angke

Wantimpres member Agung Laksono accompanied by Secretary of Wantimpres Ganjar Razuni met with representatives of fishermen and the people of Muara Angke, North Jakarta on Thursday (11/08). On this occasion, fishermen and the people of Muara Angke expressed their aspirations about public services and the bureaucracy they face in various aspects, ranging from sailing permits, fuel difficulties to marine ecosystems.

Fishermen’s representatives said that currently they are faced with complicated licensing and brokering practices. In addition, the damage to the marine ecosystem due to factory waste and the silting of the sea due to reclamation is also a concern for fishermen. Another aspiration conveyed by representatives of the Muara Angke community was the issue of ownership of residential land which, although it has been domiciled for decades, still has the status of land management rights (HPL).

Agung Laksono appreciated the input submitted by the fishermen and the people of Muara Angke. Because the input submitted is the policy of the central government, the impact felt by fishermen in Muara Angke will also be felt by fishermen in other areas. In fact, as one of Indonesia’s natural resources, marine and fisheries have tremendous potential for food and foreign exchange. It is fitting for fishermen and coastal communities to get support to be more productive in exploring Indonesia’s marine and fishery wealth.