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Soekarwo Affirms the Strategic Role of Youth in Making Indonesia a Developed Country

Member of Wantimpres Soekarwo, said that youth have an important role in efforts to make changes and make Indonesia a democratic developed country. “History has proven that youth have done, but challenges keep coming, from within and outside the country. Youth must learn from history in order to have an identity and a strong foundation, also to know from where changes must be sought,” said Pakde Karwo, Soekarwo’s nickname when giving a scientific oration at the Regional Conference of the Indonesian Christian Youth Movement (Konferda GAMKI) East Java Province, in Surabaya, Saturday (23/7/2022).

Soekarwo reminded the youth, especially the Indonesian Christian Youth Movement (GAMKI) to take an active role in government programs to reduce inequality and reduce poverty. “The young generation and GAMKI must be actively involved in the development of micro, small and medium enterprises, people’s business sectors, agricultural and rural businesses,” said the  East Java Governor in 2009-2019.

Soekarwo continued, GAMKI and youth organizations are expected to play a role in efforts to realize national sovereignty in the midst of today’s very dynamic domestic and global challenges, especially in the food, energy and water sectors.

The event was also attended by the General Chairperson of GAMKI DPP Willem Wandik who is also a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Professor of Universitas Airlangga, Prof. Hotman Siahaan, and GAMKI administrators from 26 cities and regencies in East Java.