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Member of Wantimpres Habib Luthfi Attends Haul KH. Qusairi Mansyur and Masyayik 

Habib Luthfi, a member of the Wantimpres accompanied by the Secretary of the Wantimpres Member, Hasbullah Ahmad, attended the peak event for the commemoration of Haul KH. Ahmad Qusairi Mansyur and Masyayik which was held at the Darul Hikmah Mojosari Islamic Boarding School, Mojokerto, East Java on Thursday (14/7). The Haul event was attended by Emil Dardak, Deputy Governor of East Java, Muhammad Albarraa, Deputy Regent of Mojokerto, Commander of Korem 082/CPYJ Colonel Inf Unang Sudargo, Kapolres Mojokerto, AKBP Apip Ginanjar, other Forkopimda leaders as well as religious leaders and Mojokerto community leaders.

KH. Ali Mas’ady, the host of the event and the leader of the Darul Hikmah Mojosari Islamic Boarding School, Mojokerto reminded the importance of holding this haul not only to honor KH Ahmad Qusairi Mansyur who coincidentally is still his grandfather but also to commemorate the services of all pious people who have struggled with sincere for Indonesia. Therefore, in this haul also displayed pictures of our ulamas who are also fighters so that we never forget their struggle. He reminded us that as long as we imitate the ulamas who fight for the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, their blessings, the Guardians of Allah, will always be with us and keep Indonesia from experiencing a crisis like what other countries have experienced. The blessing of pious ulamas can be seen from the high interest of the people who register to take part in the bazaar and even overwhelmed the committee and that is a good sign for our economy.

Meanwhile, Emil Dardak strongly agrees with Kyai Ali Mas’ady’s message. According to him, the success of East Java’s economic growth which grew above the average national economic growth was not solely the result of the work of the local government but also the “sky endeavors” carried out by sincere East Java ulamas so that their prayers were heard by Allah SWT. The reduction in the poverty rate in East Java is very good, even the highest in all of Indonesia, as well as the handling of Covid-19 is very good and the situation is getting more conducive. He believes that it is through “sky endeavors” that the national economy grows positively while many other countries have negative economic growth.

At the end of the event, Kyai Ali Mas’ady, while shedding tears, conveyed his feelings of emotion, gratitude and thanks for the presence of Habib Luthfi who still took the time to be present in the midst of the Mojokerto community. While praying for Habib Lutfi to stay healthy always, Kyai Ali reminded the public to always love the ulama by quoting a hadith where Ali Ibn Abi Talib said, “Looking at the face of a ulama is worship. Then a light shone in that vision and a light shone in his heart. When an ulama teaches knowledge, one theme taught will be rewarded with a palace in heaven.” Kyai said.