Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden


Agung Laksono received the Honorary Visit of the Cuban Ambassador to Indonesia

H.R. Agung Laksono, member of the Wantimpres accompanied by Secretary of the Wantimpres member, Ganjar Razuni, received a courtesy call from the Cuban Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia, Tania V Lopez, at the Wantimpres Office (26/7). The visit was also attended by Arlhee Diaz Miqueli, Director of the Cuban Center of Molecular Immunology (CIM) and Sergio Cata Murgido, Deputy Director of Industrial Operations at CIM Cuba. The visit was a continuation of Agung Laksono’s working visit to Cuba last June.

During the meeting, Tania expressed her appreciation for the attention and support given by Agung Laksono to encourage cooperation between Indonesia and Cuba. Cuba has a long historical relationship with Indonesia since President Soekarno visited Cuba after the revolution, as well as Indonesia’s support for Cuba at the United Nation (UN). In the midst of uncertain international conditions, the cooperative relationship with Indonesia is very important for Cuba because Indonesia has a strategic position.

Arlhee and Sergio’s visit to Indonesia was to strengthen cooperation in the health sector between Cuba and Indonesia. CIM is a Cuban state-owned company that has developed cancer and Alzheimer’s vaccines, as well as Covid-19 vaccines.

Prior to the visit to Wantimpres, Arlhee and Sergio had held a meeting with several government stakeholders to discuss the potential for cooperation between Cuba and Indonesia.

Agung hopes that CIM’s cooperation with health stakeholders in Indonesia can be realized, especially the development of the Covid-19 vaccine in Indonesia. Agung also added that the Cuban Ambassador could encourage more Indonesian students to study health in Cuba.