Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden


Wiranto Receives Audience from Indonesian Paranormal and Alternative Healer Family Forum

The Wantimpres Chairman, Wiranto, accompanied by the Secretary to the Wantimpres Chairman, Begi Hersutanto, received an audience from the Indonesian Paranormal and Alternative Healer Family Forum (FKPPAI) at the Wantimpres Office on Wednesday (15/6). The meeting included introducing the new management of FKPPAI which was inaugurated in April 2022.

FKPPAI is an organization that houses psychics and alternative healers from all over Indonesia. Wiranto appreciates FKPPAI which continues to this day, as a group that struggles to preserve cultural heritage. The existence of FKPPAI is inevitable because Indonesian culture, from the past until now, is inseparable from paranormal and alternative medicine. This organization needs to be developed in terms of assessment and other useful things, especially cultural heritage that has been lost, due to the entry of new cultures and global cultural interactions.

Wiranto said Indonesia has a heritage of various cultures. In closing, Wiranto expressed his hope that FKPPAI could participate in guarding the big agenda of the 2024 General Election, so that there would be no divisions and intolerance that would damage national unity.