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Soekarwo: Indonesia Must Strengthen Food Self-sufficiency

Member of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres), Soekarwo, was a resource person in a focus group discussion (FGD) with the theme ‘Readiness of Indonesia and East Java to Face the Global Food Crisis’ organized by the Regional Leadership Council of the East Java Golkar Party (DPD Golkar Jatim) in Surabaya, Tuesday evening (21/6/2022).

This FGD also presented the Chairman of the East Java Golkar DPD who is also the Deputy Chairman of Commission VI DPR RI M. Sarmuji, the Head of the East Java Agriculture Service and a number of members of the East Java DPRD.

Pakde Karwo stated that the world today and in the future will continue to face serious problems in the fields of energy, food and finance. “The threat of a global food crisis has become more real and felt after the emergence of the Russia-Ukrainian war. In fact, it is getting wider into an energy crisis due to the increasingly expensive price of energy sources because they are difficult to obtain. Whereas previously the threat of a food crisis was predicted to arise due to climate change,” said Pakde Karwo.

To that end, Pakde Karwo reminded the importance of Indonesia strengthening domestic food self-sufficiency with policies that are pro and improve the welfare of farmers. “We should be grateful that Indonesia has a variety of local food ingredients. There is sago, there is cantel, there is pohong. We were self-sufficient in rice around 1984, but later we can maximize other potentials. I think that with the independence of our country, Indonesia can prepare early, anticipating food shortages,” said Pakde Karwo.