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Member of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres), Agung Laksono’s Working Visit to Cuba

A member of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres), Agung Laksono, made a working visit to Cuba on 19-23 June 2022, the visit was in order to strengthen health cooperation between Indonesia and Cuba, especially in the field of biotechnology.

During the visit, Agung Laksono held a meeting with the Indonesian Ambassador to Cuba, Nana Yuliana. The meeting discussed the diplomatic priorities of the Indonesian Embassy in Havana, Cuba and 4 concurrent countries (Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica) as well as the potential for tourism cooperation between Indonesia and Cuba in Varadero, and explored the possibility of cigar cooperation between the two countries. On that occasion, Mr. Agung Laksono asked the Indonesian Embassy in Havana to continue to strengthen diplomatic efforts to fight for Indonesia’s interests in Cuba and its concurrent countries.

During his visit to Cuba, Agung Laksono also held a meeting with Cuban health authorities, namely BioCubaFarma which is a Cuban holding company and SOE, and discussed and conducted a site visit for one of BioCubaFarma’s subsidiaries, the Center of Immonology and Molecular (CIM).

Agung Laksono conveyed that health cooperation between Indonesia and Cuba has an important role to advance the welfare of the people of both countries. Agung Laksono hopes that the collaboration will be further strengthened, especially to find anti-cancer drugs because of the large number of cancer sufferers in Indonesia. Not only that, the products of cooperation between the two countries are also expected to be used to add to the catalog of drugs that are included in BPJS services.