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Representing Habib Luthfi, Hasbullah Ahmad, Secretary of the Wantimpres MembersAttends the Merah Putih Carnival in Semarang

Representing Habib Luthfi, Hasbullah Ahmad Secretary of the Wantimpres members attended
the Red and White (Merah Putih) Carnival in commemoration of Haul Habib Thoha bin
Muhammad bin Yahya or known as Mbah Depok (17/5/2022). The event, which was initiated by
Habib Lutfi, was held again after two years of being suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The Merah Putih Carnival was attended by santri, students, mass organizations, art groups and
interfaith representatives, starting with a 300-meter Merah Putih flag parading from Habib Thoha’s
grave to Semarang City Hall. Furthermore, the Merah Putih flag was symbolically handed over by
Rois Syuriah PCNU Semarang City KH. Hanief Ismail to the Mayor of Semarang Hendra Prihandi.
In addition to Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (Forkopimda), the Merah Putih Carnival
was also attended by the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Sakti Wahyu Trenggono at the
invitation of Habib Luthfi.The Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries praised the holding of the Merah Putih Carnival
while stressing that “this is a symbol of respect for the predecessors who have made great
contributions to the unity of the nation. The spiritual teachings of Habib Thoha bin Muhammad bin
Yahya became the unifier of this country”. Meanwhile, the Mayor of Semarang is grateful for the
existence of Habib Thoha’s grave and is also proud that Semarang is part of the residence of the
habaib ancestors in Indonesia. “Semarang is lucky because in the course of history it was
inhabited by several extraordinary figures, there was Habib Thoha bin Muhammad bin Yahya and
his son Habib Hasan bin Thoha bin Yahya, hopefully the existence of these 2 tombs will bring
blessings to Central Java and Semarang in particular.
Karomah Habib Thoha in his struggle to defend the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia
should inspire us in filling out future developments,” he said.