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Commemoration of The Maulid of The Prophet Muhammad SAW Haul Habib Thoha Bin Muhannad Bin Yahya (KRT Joyokusumo)

Members of the Wantimpres Habib Luthfi, attended the commemoration of the Maulid of the Prophet Muhammad and the Haul KRT Joyokusumo (Habib Thoha Bin Muhammad Bin Yahya) held by the Semarang City Government on Tuesday, May 17, 2022. The event took place in the religious tourism area of ​​the Waliyullah Habib Thoha bin Tomb Muhammad bin Yahya in Depok, Kembangsari, Semarang City, Central Java.

The Mayor of Semarang, who was also present along with other Forkopimda elements, invited the entire community to love Indonesia more. “Make the momentum of the haul tonight to love the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia even more and its tools such as Pancasila, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika and the 1945 Constitution,” he said.

Meanwhile, in the manaqib (biography) read by Hasbullah Ahmad, Secretary of the Wantimpres Member Habib Luthfi, it was revealed that Habib Thoha was an ulama who played a major role in advancing the economy and security stability in Semarang and the North Coast region. One of his da’wah media is to use art and culture, including poetry containing advice and teachings about leadership and etiquette as well as the spirit to go forward and tough entitled Surung Paddle. Until now, the poem is still often sung to foster nationalism, especially in the Pantura region.

The Haul Habib Thoha commemoration which was held for the first time after the Covid 19 pandemic received a positive response and full support not only from the Semarang City Government but also from the community. This is proven by the number of people who enthusiastically attended in an orderly manner until the event was over.