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Agung Laksono Receives PDSI Audience

Wantimpres member Agung Laksono received an audience from the The All-Indonesian Doctors
Association (PDSI) chaired by Brigadier General (Purn) dr. Jajang Edi Priyatno and other board
members at a private residence (13/5). Also present on the occasion was the Deputy Chairman
of PDSI, dr. Deby Susanti Pada Vinski and former Minister of Health, Lt. Gen. TNI (Ret.) dr.
Terawan Agus Putranto.
On that occasion, PDSI said that PDSI already has legal force based on a permit granted by the
Ministry of Law and Human Rights in April 2022 and has some attention to health issues,
especially the medical profession. Some of the things that were conveyed included the need for
revisions to Law Number 29 of 2004 concerning Medical Practice and Law Number 20 of 2013
concerning Medical Education.
Health reform with the revision of the rule of law includes, among other things, medical education
reform, the mechanism for Indonesian doctors who graduate abroad, and the practice of doctorswith the status of foreign nationals in Indonesia. PDSI said that currently it is necessary to conduct
a review of the mechanism of medical education as well as the profession and license to practice
doctors in order to provide equal opportunities for higher quality health services.
Agung Laksono positively welcomed PDSI’s good plans and supported the reform of the health
sector, including reviewing Law No. 29 of 2004 and Law No. 20 of 2013. Agung Laksono said,
“For the good of Indonesia, perhaps there needs to be a review of the Law and PDSI can have
an audience or consult with the House of Representatives of RI”.