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Opening of the Mathla’ul Anwar National Work Meeting by Muhamad Mardiono

Muhamad Mardiono gave a speech as well as opened the first National Working Meeting of the Mathla’ul Anwar Executive Board which was held on Friday, February 11, 2022 in Serang City, Banten. Mathla’ul Anwar (MA) is an Islamic educational institution that was founded in 1916 through a deliberations of scholars in Menes and currently MA educational institutions have been established in various regions in Indonesia. At this national working meeting, the MoU was signed by the general chairman of PBMA, KH. Embay Mulya Syarief, socialization of the 4 Pillars of Nationality by the Deputy Chair of the MPR RI, Arsul Sani, and a discussion panel that presented the BNPT Director of Prevention, Ahmad Nurwahid and Chairman of Commission VIII DPR RI, Yandri Susanto.

In his remarks, Mardiono emphasized the importance of mastering and developing science and technology as well as the ability to adapt and be responsive to the times, to achieve community welfare and quality development.

Responding to the demographic bonus in Indonesia with many productive age groups, Mardiono stated that institutional readiness through strengthening the education ecosystem is absolutely necessary. This strengthening includes improving educational infrastructure facilities and infrastructure such as the use of computers and digital technology, increasing the ability of teaching human resources and courses that are in accordance with the needs of industry and society.

Mardiono also emphasized the importance of the growth of new entrepreneurs in Indonesia in order to increase economic productivity and the availability of jobs. Thus, educational institutions play a role in improving the competence and training of students in accordance with the needs of business development and the use of developing technology.

Mardiono stated that education is one way to cut poverty by producing quality local entrepreneurs and competitive MSMEs so that they are able to build a people’s economy in their respective regions.

In closing, Mardiono hopes that the National Working Meeting can produce a work program for the implementation of Mathla’ul Anwar education to produce young people who are moral, tough and superior who can be part of the solution to community problems and state development.