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Mardiono’s Working Visit to Small and Medium Industries (IKM) in Bogor

On Wednesday, February 16, 2022, Member of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) Muhamad Mardiono paid a visit to the IKM production center in Bogor. In this activity, Mardiono was accompanied by the secretary of the Wantimpres member, Mohammed Ali Berawi, the Wantimpres Expert Team, the Muspika, the Department of Industry and Trade of Bogor, the Department of Cooperatives and MSMEs of Bogor, to review the home industry of sandal and shoe craftsmen, followed by a dialogue with the craftsmen and business actors associations to discuss the conditions and challenges faced for the hereditary businesses of residents in the Mulyaharja sub-district, South Bogor district.

The safari activities of working visits to MSME production centers in various regions carried out by Mardiono were a form of Wantimpres support for strengthening the people’s economy and developing MSMEs.

Mardiono said that MSMEs have become the backbone of the people’s economy, so the support and partiality to increase the productivity and competitiveness of MSMEs is an important priority program for poverty alleviation, improving community welfare and strengthening national economic resilience.

Mardiono also reminded to continue to improve creativity and maintain the quality of home industry products so they can be competitive in the midst of a competitive market competition.

Mardiono highlighted the importance of the supply chain from upstream to downstream in this type of business to ensure the stability of raw materials and production. The ease of raw materials, modernization of production equipment, efficient distribution logistics and digital marketing are some of the important factors for maintaining the continuity of the home industry which is the livelihood of the of the population majority.

Mardiono again invites the participation of all people to use Indonesian-made products in order to achieve national production independence.