Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden


Instilling Pancasila Needs to be Consistent and Sustainable

Secretary of the Wantimpres Members, Ganjar Razuni and the Wantimpres Expert Team as well as the Study Team held a limited meeting regarding Pancasila Ideology Development on Thursday, October 28, 2021. This hybrid meeting was attended by two speakers offline, namely: Andri Hernandi (Chairman of Presidium III Assembly Luhur Indonesian Trust/Majelis Luhur Kepercayaan Indonesia) and As’ad Said Ali (Vice Chairman of PB Nahdlatul Ulama 2010-2015), while another resource person, Antonius DR. Manurung (Chairman of the DPP Pancasila Instilling Movement/Gerakan Pembumian Pancasila) was present online.

On this occasion, the speakers explained that although efforts are still needed to consistently and sustainably instill Pancasila, Pancasila has become a middle ground in moderating all elements of the pluralistic in Indonesia. Pancasila is also a driving force for the nation’s spirit in building culture and human resources.

Session I meeting on the second day was the final part of a series of limited meeting activities which were held for two consecutive days.

Through this activity, it is hoped that strategic and comprehensive ideas will emerge regarding the implementation and application of the Pancasila ideology development that is applicable in the daily life of all Indonesians with different cultural and religious backgrounds. (AB)