Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden


Commitment is Needed to Understand the Historical Context in Pancasila Ideology Implementation

Secretary of the Wantimpres Members, Ganjar Razuni and the Wantimpres Expert Team as well as the Pancasila Ideology Development Study Team continued the second limited meeting on Thursday, October 28, 2021. In this last session, Syaiful Arif (Director of the Center for Pancasila Consideration Studies/Direktur Pusat Studi Pemikiran Pancasila) and Andanu Prasetyo (Tuku Coffee Entrepreneur) attended as speakers, while Revrisond Baswir (economist) conveyed his main thoughts virtually.

On this occasion it was stated that in an effort to implement Pancasila consistently, it takes the will and ability to fully understand the history of the birth of Pancasila. This is important so that our understanding cannot be separated from the context of its formation to be able to apply it appropriately, including in economic activities and digital technology that are increasingly developing today.

It is hoped that from this activity, strategic and comprehensive ideas will emerge regarding the implementation and application of Pancasila ideology development that is in accordance with the ideals of its formulators and can answer the future challenges, especially in the field of economy and digital technology. (AB)