Muhamad Mardiono’s meeting with the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Entreprises (MSMEs)

Muhamad Mardiono, Member of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres), accompanied by Secretary of the Wantimpres Member, Mohammed Ali Berawi, Head of the Data and Informastion Bureau, the expert and the research study team of the Wantimpres, held a discussion on strengthening MSMEs and the rural economy with the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs that was represented by the Deputy for SMEs and staff, on Monday, October 18th, 2021 at the Wantimpres Office.

This meeting is a continuation of a series of Mardiono’s working visits and meetings with related parties as an effort to strengthen the people’s economy and MSMEs. It discussed policies and work programs to increase the productivity and competitiveness of MSMEs in the midst of a pandemic and competition in the digital era.

Mardiono stated that the support for MSMEs as the backbone of the people’s economy must be carried out sustainably. In addition, rural economic development through MSMEs is one of the national development priorities to fulfil the village needs with the village and inter-village production independently and self-sufficiently. By doing so, the high-cost economy can be suppressed to increase purchasing power and community welfare.

Economic development in rural areas is carried out through the division of roles between large industries which will focus on the export of superior products and the substitution of imported products, and the role of MSMEs to meet the basic needs of the community, including the need for clothing, food and housing. It is expected that this division of roles will improve the people’s business climate. On the other hand, cooperatives, as the economic and social institutions which drive the national economic can be more effective in supporting the strengthening of MSMEs and the rural economy.

Mardiono also explained that strengthening the MSMEs to be able to increase the upstream productivity, and strengthening the traditional markets for the absorption and sale of local and national products, are substantially important to drive the community’s economy. The government will continue to oversee and facilitate various policies and work programs that are conducive and sustainable for MSMEs. (AD)