Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden


Accelerating Economic Recovery through Development of Policies and Working Programs in MSME Sector and the People’s Economy

On Friday, October 22nd, 2021, Secretary to the Members of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) Mohammed Ali Berawi accompanied by the Head of the Data and Information Bureau, Arfan Sahib, the expert and research study team of the Wantimpres held a meeting with the Director General of Village and Rural Development, Sugito, and the Director General of Social Forestry and Environmental Partnership, Bambang Supriyanto, and their staff at the office of the Wantimpres.

Ali Berawi said that this meeting was held to discuss the strengthening of the village and rural development including various policies and working programs to improve basic services, development of village facilities and infrastructure, village economic development and development of sustainable natural resources and the environment in order to increase community participation in development and public welfare. This is done to encourage rural communities to be more productive, independent and efficient.

On the other hand, the policy and role of social forestry in improving the people’s economy through the distribution and utilization of social forest access and the formation of social forestry business groups are expected to accelerate the development of economic centers and forest product production centers for poverty alleviation. Integrated cross-sectoral development plays an important role in creating job opportunities, increasing productivity and adding value to village products.

In closing, Ali Berawi also stated that the rural economic development through MSMEs is one of the national development priorities to meet village needs with village and inter-village production independently and self-sufficiently so that the high-cost economy can be suppressed to increase the purchasing power and community welfare. (AD)