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Tahir Provides Insight on Current Indonesia-China Relations: Economic, Vaccines and Future Cooperation

On Tuesday, May 4, 2021, Tahir, Member of the Presidential Advisory Council was one of the speakers at the webinar held by IASS (Sekdilu Sembilan Alumni Association) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with Ambassador Djauhari Oratmangun (Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia) and Mahendra Siregar (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs). The webinar themed “Current Indonesia-China Relations: Economic, Vaccines and Future Cooperation” and was attended by several former Indonesian Ambassadors, diplomats, Indonesian ministries/agencies representatives, businessmen, and academics. In the webinar Tahir shared his insights on various opportunities, challenges, and strategies needed in the current and future Indonesia-China’s cooperation relationship. Some of Tahir highlights are the important role of Indonesia for China and the importance of rule of law to attract investment from China. (AP)