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Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya Attends the National Dialogue with Interfaith Figures

On Friday, April 9, 2021, Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya, Member of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) attended the National Dialogue entitled “Diversity Saves the Nation” in Bogor, West Java. This event is a collaboration between Wantimpres, the National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) and the Amanah Kita Foundation. At the meeting, Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya was accompanied by Komjen Pol. Boy Rafli Amar, Head of BNPT and Hartono Limin, Chairman of the Amanah Kita Foundation.

In order to save the nation from the ‘virus’ of radicalism and terrorism, Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya encourages the active role of religious leaders of Islam, Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist and Kong Hu Cu, as well as the religious organizations such as MUI, NU, Muhammadyah, Al Washliyah, Al Irsyad, PGI, KWI, PHDI, and MATAKIN, in educating the younger generation who are vulnerable to being exposed to radicalism of terrorism. Muhammad Luthfi who is also popularly known as Habib Luthfi said that the fading of the spirit of nationalism is one of the reasons for rampant radicalism among millennials. Through the understanding of religious moderation, inter-religious tolerance, and national values, it is expected that the millennial generation will not be easily influenced by ideologies which can lead to radical intolerance that can trigger acts of terrorism. This National Dialogue will continue to be carried out towards a peaceful, safe and peaceful Indonesia. (AD)