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The Role of Women as Citizens and in Nation-Build

Putri Kus Wisnu Wardani, Member of The Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) was a keynote speaker at the National Seminar on the 39th Anniversary of Brawijaya University Graduate Programme, themed “Strengthening National Insights in an Environmental Perspective and Inclusive Development”. The seminar was held online on Wednesday, March 17, 2021. On this occasion Putri Kus Wisnu Wardani, as the only female Member of the 2019-2024 Presidential Advisory Council, delivered speech related to “The Role of Women as Citizens and in Nation Development”. She stated that the challenges faced by women are cultural issues and self-distrust. So that a paradigm shift is needed in looking at a culture in which women can be equal to men. Gender equality can be grown from the smallest social sphere which is family, by providing equal educational opportunities and creating a conducive atmosphere in various activities, that will foster self-confidence in women in various activities. In her closing remarks, Putri Kus Wisnu Wardani emphasized that men and women can work as partners, even though they are born differently, they are blessed with various advantages and disadvantages, each of which can complement each other. (Okt)