Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya delivers a speech on the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs’ strategic program submission event

Muhammad Luthi Ali Yahya, Member of Presidential Advisory Council delivered a speech on the Ministry of Cooperative and SMEs (KUMKM) event with a theme on “KUMKM is exist and able to adapt during Covid-19 pandemic and the new normal approach”. The event was held by the KUMKM under cooperation with the city, the regency government of Pekalongan, and the Gerakan Nasional Bangga Buatan Indonesia on August 7th, 2020 in Pekalongan City, Central Java.

The event was opened by Teten Masduki, the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs together with Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya, the Deputy Governor of Central Java Taj Yasin Maimoen, the Mayor of Pekalongan Saelany Mahfud, and the vice mayor of Pekalongan Afzan Arslan Djunaid.

In Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya’s speech, he said that all elements in the communities should able to revive the Indonesian economy amidst the coronavirus pandemic through loving the domestic products and regrowing the natural resources on the Bumi Pertiwi (Mother Earth).

“We should be proud of everything from the Mother Earth, we should be proud and courageously saying, for example, Indonesian sarong, Indonesian guava, Indonesia chicken, and etc. Progressively, the emergence of covid-19 should bring a new perspective to live forward not the opposite, we have to keep going forward steadily” He said.

But, most importantly in order to reviving the economy, it is needed a full support from leaders. Government leaders, clerics, and public figures have to make inspection visits checking on how to maximize the roles of SMEs in order to ensure the economy keeps growing and self sufficient.

It is expected that the event could revive the people’s economy during pandemic covid-19, especially related to economic stimulus or cash benefits for SMEs actors.

Luthfi is optimistic that by the progression of people oriented economy, the stability and security of the society would be maintained and perpetuate. (NAM)