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Muhamad Mardiono Surveyed The Readiness Of Health Equipment Production

Member of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) Muhamad Mardiono visited one of Indonesia’s medical equipment production plants on Thursday, 23th July, 2020. This visit carried out consider to the importance of medical equipment and facilities availability, especially in the handling situation of Covid-19 nowadays. Medical devices made by these producers are not only to meet domestic needs, but also exported to several countries.

On this occasion, Mardiono conveyed support for the production of quality domestic medical devices that meet patient safety standards as part of the national health resilience program for 270 million of Indonesian population who need access to good health services. Mardiono also hopes that the authorities related to the procurement of medical devices in Indonesia can utilize domestic-made production, so that the Indonesian health industry will become more independent and developed. (AB)