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Members of the Presidential Advisory Council in Cooperation with JATMAN Distributed Humanitarian Aid on Covid-19

PEKALONGAN – Members of the Presidential Advisory Council (Wantimpres) in cooperation with the Jam’iyyah Ahlith Thoriqoh Al Mu’tabarah An Nahdliyyah (JATMAN) distributed packages of humanitarian aid to communities affected by the Covid-19 in Indonesia.

The distributed packages of humatarian aid was given symbolically by Muhamad Mardiono together with Habib Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya, members of Wantimpres at Kanzus Sholawat Building, Pekalongan City, Central Java, on Monday, 18th May 2020. Habib Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya is also a Rois ‘Am of JATMAN.

Wantimpres member, Muhamad Mardiono said on his speech that Covid-19 as a non-natural disaster has had a significant social impact, including the impact on the economic sector.

“Hopefully, this activity can help our brothers and sisters who are affected and need help,” said Mardiono.

The event was attended by elements of the Central Java Muspida, including Pangdam IV Diponegoro and the management of Jam’iyyah Ahlith Thoriqoh Al mu’tabarah An Nahdliyyah.

After prayer and aid distribution, the event continued with receiving public audience and iftar dinner at Habib Muhammad Luthfi Ali Yahya’s residence. (AIP)