Dewan Pertimbangan Presiden


Strategic Policy to Raise State-Defense Awareness in the Digital Era

Lieutenant General (Ret) M. Yusuf Kartanegara, Member of the Presidential Advisory Council, carried out a working visit to South Sumatra in order to gather information about the implementation of the defense and security functions, especially in raising awareness of state defense in the digital era, on the 1st – 4th of July 2019. In the meeting with local government, regional police, and regional military command, Lieutenant General (Ret) M. Yusuf Kartanegara said that the understanding of state defense must be embedded and internalised within every Indonesian as early as possible, to anticipate the various possible threats that developed in the digital era today and in the future. Therefore, strategic steps are needed to build a strong awareness of state defense that is adaptive to changes on different era. One of the steps that can be taken to convey the values of state-defense is to use digital equipment and digital space creatively. The use of information technology in the digital space is believed to be an effective method to raise state-defense awareness in the digital era. (QA)