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Mr. A. Malik Fadjar Working Visit to Lumajang District

Mr. A. Malik Fadjar, Member of the Presidential Advisory Council visited Muhammadiyah Vocational High School (SMK) at Lumajang, East Java, on Tuesday, 12 April 2018 and received warming welcome. Teachers proudly wore green batik and jarits (traditional long skirt) greeted Mr. A. Malik Fadjar, which is the former Minister of National Education during the era of President Megawati Soekarnoputri in 2001 – 2004.

Before the visit, Mr. A. Malik Fadjar has conducted a series of working visit aimed to collect information on the development of education, tourism, religious life, social, labor, and regional planning in Lumajang District which included meetings with the acting Regent of Lumajang and with the Head of the Office of Ministry of Religious Affairs of Lumajang District. (MEL)